Our History

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Medico-legal activities in Thailand began long Back in the past in 1898.  Since Mr. Erik  Saint J.Lawson , chairman of  the Royal Police Force in Bangkok realized that they should have a hospital to take care of the ill police officers and  also examination of the injury and the unnatural death. They build a small hospital in center of Bangkok, name “WatKokHospital”. Later , the  hospital extended their service to serve public. In  1915, this hospital had been transferred to Bangkok Metropolitan and rename as “Central  Hospital”. In 1916, the Royal Police Force has been upgrade to be the Royal Police Department responsible all over the country. The Physician Unit of The Police Department was established and comprised only two Physicians at that time. The job’s assignments were


       1.Investigstion of the death.

       2.Wound examination.

       3.Take care of ill  police officers.


  In 1952 , The Police Hospital has been built with all facilities including a Forensic Unit. Doctors from Forensic Unit continue their works in cooperation with police officers of  the local area in investigation of the death from the crime scene since then.


  In 1979 , The Forensic Unit was upgrade to be The Institute of Forensic Medicine in the office of Police General Hospital,  Police Department , serving all Forensic cases in Bangkok area and provinces. Since then the number of death bodies sent to the Institute had gone up to around 10,000 annually.